10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Active During Summer Break

Summer is a time to celebrate for children, but for parents, it may not be such a joyous occasion. Having your kids home all summer means plenty of downtime. While some kids are naturally active, others will prefer to sit in front of their television, computer, or smartphone screens. Portland Pediatric Group encourages you to get your kids off the couch and get them moving this summer.

Children who sit around all day won’t have their bodies and minds stimulated. Too much inactivity can lead to weight gain and an increased BMI (body mass index). Health experts recommend that children get at least one hour of exercise a day, and more than that won’t hurt as long as they don’t overdo it.

Here are several ideas for getting your kids out of the house and keeping them active this summer.

  • Local recreation or sports programs – Check out the City of Rochester’s comprehensive list of 2017 summer programs. Also check out programs offered by schools, churches, or community centers.
  • Swimming – Public swimming pools provide fun and exercise and are usually open all week.
  • Summer and day camps – There are plenty of short or long camps offered by the YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and many more organizations. Take a look at this list of summer camps in Rochester.
  • Toys – Fun fitness toys such as jump ropes, hula hoops, and other sporting goods can provide a fun way to exercise.
  • Go to the park – Younger kids can take advantage of the playground area while older kids can toss around a Frisbee.

More Ways to Keep Your Kids Active

  • Riding a bike
  • Roller skating or roller blading
  • Skateboarding
  • Martial arts
  • Hopscotch

The experienced doctors at Portland Pediatric Group know that keeping your kids active is important for their overall health. We treat conditions that may prevent your children from being as active as they could be which includes allergies, behavioral problems, depression, and obesity. Give us a call today at 585-342-5665 to schedule an appointment.


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